Hey everyone, Maker Corp member Jereme here to talk about the finale of my 3D printed mask project. After I finished assembling, I filled in the gaps using a two part epoxy and I would overfill the pieces, then sand it back down until it was smooth. When sanding with either sandpaper or a rotary tool, I make sure to use proper personal protective equipment. For this project a combination of a particle mask and googles was necessary when grinding both the epoxy and the ABS plastic.


The next step was to take the mask and apply primer to it. The chosen primer I used was a grey filler primer, because it would cover up some of the smaller gaps that still remained on the mask. Finally, the primer was smoothed out with another sanding and a second and third coat of primer was applied.


The next task to accomplish was to paint the mask. On the recommendation of an artist friend of mine, I applied a coat of matte finish to the primer. The matte gives better adhesion to the paint allowing for a smoother finish for the final product. I began with a base coat of parchment colored paint over the entire model. From here, I began to brighten the color by slowly adding white to the parchment for the second and third layer of paint.

For all of the accents on the piece, I began with a coat of an antique gold mixed with some brown to darken the shine to it. I then began layering on top of this another coat of the antique gold layered with less and less brown until it achieved the color I was looking for. Finally, a layer of varnish was applied in the end to protect the paint and give it a bit of a sheen. Thanks makers and have a wonderful day!