Hey guys, Maker Corp member Jereme here to talk about a recent projects that I’ve been working on with the 3D printers. I’ve taken to attempting a piece that is a 3 part print to be put together. This project has many challenges to because I had to ensure when I print all 3 of the pieces that they each fit with the others fairly precise. Also, unlike with the Colosseum I would be sanding this project down to a certain smoothness in order to prep the pieces for painting. In addition to the sanding I would also have to fill in the join points of the individual pieces to have a single smooth contour. Let us begin.

I began the process with printing the smallest piece of the project which are the tips of the ears to the mask. All of the pieces printed were printed on a raft which is a layer of 3D printed material laid down in order to help support the structures being printed and to prevent some of the warping of the material when printing. This first piece printed off perfectly without a hitch and after some sanding came out wonderful. IMG_20160811_144529

The next section to be printed was the midsection of the mask. This piece made use of some supports on the back of an overhanging lip that would be printed later on in the piece. These supports do just that and provide a place for the printer to lay down the plastic at the needed level for the print. (Insert picture of the third piece with the supports behind the eye socket.) Though this is the third piece the supports in the empty area picture are performing the same function. After this completed and some sanding the project had begun to take shape! It was around this time I decided to go in with a small file and accent all of the details on the mask so when it comes to for painting it gives them a bit more of detail to the mask.IMG_20160815_100357

The final section of this print was the most challenging as early in its print, the left side of it shifted slightly which caused a deformity in the print.  Concerned I began to monitor this piece closely for the first hour as it was printing to ensure this issue didn’t persist. After the left side connected to the right side the piece printed the rest of the way without issue, however this left a flaw on the left section of the nose that would have to be corrected at a later time, by filling in with 2 part epoxy and then sanding back down.

With all of the pieces now printed I took on the task of sanding them and etching the edges which took a couple of days of work. IMG_20160812_120651The next step was to take the pieces and then put them together and fill in the gaps with 2 part epoxy. This is as far as I have gotten on the project and look forward to completing it within the next couple of weeks before school starts and before Halloween! Take makers and have a wonderful day.