IMG_4160Maker Corp member Jereme here to talk about my experience with learning how to 3D print. Over the course of my first 3 months here in the Houston Texans & Chevron Maker Annex, I was anxious at first to learn the skills of the 3D printers because the task seemed daunting. After some tutelage from both Brent and Jeff, I conquered my fears and jumped face first into a project, 3D printing a scale model of the Colosseum in Rome.


Through some quick use of the internet Jeff and I were able to locate a 3D rendering of the Colosseum and began the task of setting it up for a 3D print. First things first was a raft, which in 3D printing is printed first underneath the model in order to provide support on the bottom of the model, and secondly we added supports to the archways themselves because if left unsupported they would collapse while the model was still warm. The model was finally ready to print, it began with very few hitches and has begun to print the raft. After approximately 1 hour the raft had completed and it had begun printing the architecture of the building itself.



The wait was unbearable especially because I had to leave midway through it because the estimated time for the entire print was 8 and a half hours! Coming in the next day to see the print completed had me letting out a sigh of relief because had completed and looked awesome, however there was still work to be done on it. I first had to remove the raft which was easy enough, though the more daunting task was removing all of the supports from every archway.


This process took a long time, nearly 3 hours of cleaning out each of the archways. Overall I am pleased with the end result of the print, however in the future I’ll be refraining from doing a structure with some many individual pieces that require supports.